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American Circumcision, the Movie

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Letter from viewer of American Circumcision

Dear Ms Milos,

I hope this email finds its way to you.

I saw American Circumcision last night and I was very moved by what I saw. As a man who was circumcised at birth, I was particularly horrified when someone in the movie described circumcised men as not realizing the degree to which they have lost sensitivity. They don’t know how they were harmed because they don’t know any different. This is me exactly. I am 59 years old and I am very aware of the desensitization that has occurred but it took me years to discover it.

In this culture you can’t talk about this problem. Anything penis-related is a punch line, a prompt for nervous laughter. When I have spoken up about this to other health professionals I was bullied by ridicule. The inevitable comment designed to shut down the conversation is something like, “Well, if you didn’t jack off so damn much!”, followed by laughter. These are health professionals doing this! They are truly just as ignorant as the public, and they display a willingness to forgo an analysis of the arguments and the evidence so that we can talk about something else.

The reason I am writing to you, Ms Milos, is to thank you. I’m sure your expertise on this issue has also been ridiculed or been the butt of jokes, but what you are doing is so very important. Men need an advocate like you, and you have not been cowed and you have not given up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for speaking up for us. We are lucky to have you as our voice.


G. G.

Houston, TX

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